Investigation into Cork crash begins

Two black boxes have been recovered from the wreckage of a Manx2 flight which crashed in Cork yesterday as investigations begin into the cause of the accident.

Teams from Ireland, the UK, Spain and the US are on site following the incident, which claimed the lives of six passengers.

A further Six people remain in hospital after the plane came down during its third landing attempt in heavy fog.

The flight had been on route from Belfast, with the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) heading enquires.

“Late last night we were successful in recovering the so-called black boxes - the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder - which will be crucial to my investigation,” explained Leo Murray of the AAIU.

“We have also impounded all the air traffic records at the airport.”

Irish Minister for transport Pat Carey confirmed preliminary findings would be made public within weeks.

He was also quick to praise the emergency services.

“I certainly want to applaud the work of all the emergency services,” he said, stating the death toll could have been higher without their work.