McFadden dismisses flight claims

Brian McFadden has denied allegations about a drunken incident on a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney today, calling the incident a "storm in a tea cup".

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, McFadden, 30, was detained at Sydney Airport after staff from Virgin Australia asked Police officers to meet the VA2 flight, which landed at 8.30am.

McFadden has reportedly escaped being charged after the alleged incident on the flight from Los Angeles.

The Irish singer, whose is engaged to Australian singer Delta Goodrem, was reported to have tried to smoke a cigarette on the flight, shouted at fellow passengers and had to be restrained by friend Kyle Sandilands.

An Australian Federal Police spokesperson told 'The Age' that officers were requested to meet a flight following an 'incident' but that "no further action will be taken".

Goodrem later defended McFadden on her Twitter page, writing: "Whatever people have said that happened didnt! Slow news day hehe!

"[Brian is] fine... just dissapointed when people make things up!" [sic]

She also joked that if McFadden had smoked on an aeroplane, she would get the "rolling pin" out.